Make it easy for the public to email their elected official, or sign a petition with just one click.


Movement Digital is currently free for civil rights and social justice groups. Small fee for everyone else.


Just create your petition and who it should be sent to. Supporters can sign and send the petition in seconds with just two clicks.


Create one or many petitions. Send it to one or many people. Include links and images in the petition.


Find likely supporters by having them sign a petition that is aligned with their values.


Petitions can be set up in an hour the link shared on social media. for people to sign.

BUild lists

Petition organizers get the email addresses of everyone who signs a petition.

Frequently asked questions

Movement.Digital is currently free for groups using it for projects related to civil rights and social justice projects. Other groups pay a small monthly fee.

Creating a petition involves three steps:
1. Create the petition. This can include words and links.
2. Decide who the petition should be addressed to. This could be the email address of one or multiple people.
3. Subject line for the email.

A petition can be shared in the form of link through email or social media. When a user clicks on the email, it immediately launches the email client on their phone or laptop. The petition appears as an email with the SUBJECT line and TO line already filled out. All a user has to do is add their name and address and press SEND. This sends an email petition to the person(s) in the TO: line. 

The petition organizer also gets the email addresses of everyone who signs the petition.

Many campaigns and non-profits struggle to develop lists of potential supporters. Petitions are ideal for building lists as people opt in by signing a petition that appeals to them. Organizers can craft petitions that appeal to the people they are trying to contact.

Yes. It’s possible to create multiple petitions.

Check out the online documentation here. This case study explains how Movement.Digital was applied in a grassroots campaign with amazing results!

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Movement.Digital is an affordable platform that’s flexible and easy to use. It is an effective way to build lists of supporters. 

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